Meet Avi

Avi is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of affordable luxury fashion start-up Wild Mantle. A results-driven businesswoman, Avi has a clear vision for building values, resilience, and profitability in business processes as she leads her team to scale the Wild Mantle brand.

Avi first discovered her knack for leadership over a decade ago when she founded a non-profit called Narberth Greens, through which she inspired and mobilized a robust professional team to conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and create a climate action plan for the municipal sector of her hometown of Narberth, Pennsylvania.

A TedX Speaker, StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow and Morris K Udall Scholar, Avi has since grown into a values-driven and innovative entrepreneur as she reimagines the fashion eCommerce consumer relationship and how sustainability and empowerment can be leveraged to create value for the customer and increase profitability for stakeholders. A photographer by trade, Avi also enjoys spearheading the creative direction, design, and photography behind Wild Mantle.  

Conceptualizing and building the Wild Mantle brand from the ground up, Avi is a Tory Burch Foundation loan recipient and has raised over $100k through crowdfunding to launch the Wild Mantle brand. Avi’s millennial values are balanced by her self motivated work ethic and insatiable drive. She lives in the Philadelphia area and enjoys traveling often for work and pleasure. 



Woman Entrepreneur and Main Line Philadelphia Business Consultant Avi Loren Fox in Wild Mantle Hooded Scarf