Arches National Park

In early fall 2005, I was 18 years old and a recent high school graduate. While my fellow classmates were heading off to their first day of college, I was leaving on a cross country road trip to kick off a gap year. Traveling with my older brother who was heading to a post-doc in California, I got to see the country west of Virginia for the first time. I discovered that tumbleweeds really are a common sighting in Kansas, and that the land west of the Rockies is more expansive than can ever be conveyed in words or film. This trip was one of those formative experiences that shaped the love of travel I’ve nurtured in my adult life. Here are some of my favorites from our stop at Arches National Park in Utah. Camera used: Pentax K1000 (throwback to my film days before digital). While I haven’t been back to Moab in the 4901 days since these photos were taken, I also haven’t forgotten about it either. Perhaps it’s time to scheme a return….

- Avi (Written & Posted: February 12, 2019)