The Anderson Cottage: Warm Springs, Virginia

When the opportunity presented itself for a little getaway the week before Christmas, a memory arose of The Anderson Cottage in Warm Springs, Virginia (population: 123). More specifically, the Kitchen Cottage, which is a delightful stand alone house just behind the main Inn. Jason and I first discovered this gem a few years ago when we escaped here for New Years eve (more on that trip later). Just under 6 hours from Philadelphia, Bath County doesn’t have a single stoplight and 89% is comprised of natural forest and state park. The creek that winds through the forest and farmland of the Allegheny Mountains is fed by mineral infused warm springs, causing steam to rise from the water on clear crisp winter days. It’s been a pleasure to return here once again this past week: to be able to ride our bikes down the road to the Old Dairy for lunch, and to walk around the corner to the Water Wheel Restaurant for dinner. Here are some photographs, both of the Anderson Cottage and our adventures in the area. Thank you to Innkeeper Alma for a wonderful stay!

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton.