West Oak Design: Travels through Appalachia

As an artisan entrepreneur, you get to know your fellow crafts(wo)men pretty well. One of my favorite members of the local scene is Christie Sommers. She has a zero-waste brand called West Oak Design. I’ve been craving her pieces for years, and was so excited to finally snatch a few up for my recent trip to the Anderson Kitchen Cottage in Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains. I had planned to wear these pieces as a part of Wild Mantle’s early winter 2019 styled shoot (new releases coming soon!), but West Oak ended up became a staple in my wardrobe. One thing Christie and I have in common is a love of pockets, and colors that blend into the cold weather landscape of Virginia’s foothills. Here are some favorite photos of Christie’s gorgeous work from our trip!

Photographs by Jason Allen Pemberton and Avi Loren Fox