A Great Grandmother Discovery

My 95-year-old grandmother was rummaging around her bottom dresser drawer when I noticed a flash of turquoise. 


"Nana, what's that?" I asked, pointing at an ancient looking knit carefully folded. "Oh this? This was my mother's, your grandmother's. She used to wear it all the time." We quickly did some math and realized that made this garment nearly 100 years old. 

I picked it up and carefully threw it around my shoulders. My hands found two pockets in the perfect location and allowed me to wrap up.


Nearly five years into Wild Mantle, I couldn't believe this treasure had been waiting for me all this time. Nana sent me home with it, of course.

It's not for sale, but I call it the Elizabeth. Discovering this family heirloom felt like a wink from my great-grandmother saying "keep going, Avi. There are exciting discoveries ahead."