Little Women: The Orchard House

And there it was, just like that, the Orchard House, where Louisa May Alcott wrote and set the beloved classic, Little Women. When we made reservations at the Hawthorne Inn in Concord, Massachusetts en route to Maine, we had no idea this treasure was across the street.

Visiting hours were over, but I walked up the path towards the house anyway, half expected Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy to run out and greet me. 

No such thing happened, of course, but I was greeted by a fiercely friendly lion door knocker and built up the courage to look inside.Oh my! It was exactly as in the book, and movie...down to the fire place and the piano in the corner. 


I left pretty quickly after peeking in the window, so as not to disturb any ghosts of the past getting ready for tea time (or, more like, because mosquitos were biting my legs). On my way down from the house another structure to the left caught my eye: the most beautiful barn house. Did you know I'm obsessed with barn houses? 


To learn more about Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House you can visit their website. Or, do what I did and go pull Little Women back of the shelf and give it another spin.