Mexico 2019: Travel Lifestyle Photography Collective

There is nothing quite like flying south in the winter to soak soak up the warm Caribbean sunshine. Over the past years, Jason and I have taken advantage of our mid-winter travels to Mexico to photograph Wild Mantle’s warm weather offerings. These photo shoots have become a travel tradition of ours, and this year we were excited to bring other brands with us as well through our newly launched Travel Lifestyle Photography Collective. It is excited to share the collection of work we’ve created for some of our newest clients. Here are some of the photographs we created for the Collective, in addition to some of our personal travel photographs. Thanks to all the brands that participated, I hope you love the images!

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Location: Iberostar Paraiso del Mar & Paraiso del Beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico.