Wild Mantle FW 16/17 at The Jefferson Pools

UPDATE 1/13/19: Sadly, the Jefferson Pools are now permanently closed due to safety issues with the structures (which were built in the 1700s). This saddens me greatly, as we had such a wonderful experience soaking in the healing waters over New Years in 2016! When we returned more recently this past Christmas 2018, we stayed at both the Omni Hotel and Anderson Cottage. Everyone and their cousin was talking about the controversial closing of the Jefferson Pools and what would happen next. From what I gathered, the Omni hotel chain now owns the Jefferson Pools and had to close the pools because the round white houses built over top the water responsible for making safety updates. One perspective argued that the Omni was ready and willing to make updates, but couldn’t get past the Historical Society. Another perspective was that the Omni simply wasn’t making moves on the repairs because they would be expensive and they have a similar (less awesome / less potent, if you ask me) hot spring on their Omni Homestead property. My vote is that the bath houses should be fixed as soon as possible. There is no other place like this on the East Coast where you can soak in naturally healing waters in the middle of winter.

Wild Mantle Lookbook

Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Wearing: Alpaca Mantle in Charcoal

Location: the Jefferson Pools in Warm Springs, Virginia

Photographer: Jason Allen Pemberton