Grand Marais Outfitters: Harborview Loft

Grand Marais, Michigan (population 322) is a small outpost of a town located on the southern shores of Lake Superior. And one of my favorite places on the planet. Jason and I were excited for the opportunity to stay at this beautiful new AirBnB loft located above Grand Marais Outfitters. The host Kim has traveled all over the world and curated the details of the loft with all original art work and a colorful international. The photos in her AirBnB listings don’t nearly do this hidden gem justice, and we were happy to collaborate with Kim to create an update. You can catch me in a few of the scenes enjoying the space as well as sunset on the beach (which is 2 blocks from the loft). Thank you Kim for hosting us, we hope to return again someday!

Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania

Hardly Able. Laurel Path. Sweet Shop. Lake Swim. Overlook. This is the language of Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania where Jason and I spent a long weekend with my parents. There was swimming, sunshine and and sunsets, pickup games and chocolate ice cream. Here are some favorites. P.S. The turkish towel I’m wearing is by Together Textiles, a client I recently did a shoot for in California. Thanks you guys for letting me keep it! Came in handy on the beach :)

Mexico 2019: Travel Lifestyle Photography Collective

There is nothing quite like flying south in the winter to soak soak up the warm Caribbean sunshine. Over the past years, Jason and I have taken advantage of our mid-winter travels to Mexico to photograph Wild Mantle’s warm weather offerings. These photo shoots have become a travel tradition of ours, and this year we were excited to bring other brands with us as well through our newly launched Travel Lifestyle Photography Collective. It is excited to share the collection of work we’ve created for some of our newest clients. Here are some of the photographs we created for the Collective, in addition to some of our personal travel photographs. Thanks to all the brands that participated, I hope you love the images!

Photographs by Avi Loren Fox and Jason Allen Pemberton

Location: Iberostar Paraiso del Mar & Paraiso del Beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Arches National Park

In early fall 2005, I was 18 years old and a recent high school graduate. While my fellow classmates were heading off to their first day of college, I was leaving on a cross country road trip to kick off a gap year. Traveling with my older brother who was heading to a post-doc in California, I got to see the country west of Virginia for the first time. I discovered that tumbleweeds really are a common sighting in Kansas, and that the land west of the Rockies is more expansive than can ever be conveyed in words or film. This trip was one of those formative experiences that shaped the love of travel I’ve nurtured in my adult life. Here are some of my favorites from our stop at Arches National Park in Utah. Camera used: Pentax K1000 (throwback to my film days before digital). While I haven’t been back to Moab in the 4901 days since these photos were taken, I also haven’t forgotten about it either. Perhaps it’s time to scheme a return….

- Avi (Written & Posted: February 12, 2019)