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"At the age of 26, Avi LorenFox transformed a quarter life crisis in to a burgeoning clothing business - Wild Mantle - but more importantly found her path, meaning and purpose on an adventure to self-empowerment. Avi is the dreamer and entrepreneur behind Wild Mantle, an emerging brand of hooded scarves called "mantles" that stand for empowerment, sustainability and adventure."

Areas of Expertise


Passion & Purpose

Social EntrepreneurshP

SUB TOPICS: Ethical Fashion, Crowdfunding/Kickstarter, Homeschooling, Gap Year, Photography, Branding, Strategic Exposure Marketing, Leadership, Sustainability

Avi's Talk Will...

Inspire selF-awareness & agency in education/career planning 

 EmpoWer exploration That leads to discovery of passion & Purpose

activate action towards actualization

Avi Has Spoken at the Following Institutions: