Avi excels at connecting with her audience through incredibly transparent and relatable stories. Her excellent stage presence is backed up with her knowledge and experience as a Millennial woman entrepreneur in the ethical luxury fashion space. As someone who has invited Avi on multiple occasions to speak, I highly recommend her.
— Lorenzo Buffa (CEO, Analog Watch Co.)
Keynote: Shipley Lower School

Keynote: Shipley Lower School

Following Avi Fox’s first workshop with our students, we have invited her back three years in a row in even greater capacity, as she not only represents the young women we want our students to be, but she also inspires them with ease.

Avi’s story is fascinating, her experiences are amazing and educational, and her passion is so contagious and genuine that some of my students have been inspired to take a business class in college following only a single presentation. All year, my students talk about Avi’s visits, and they rightfully and openly share that they want to grow up to be more like her.

As an all-girls school, Stuart Country Day School is committed to providing our students with strong, intelligent, and remarkable role models who exemplify the ceiling breaking qualities we hope to teach. We also stress the importance of creativity, kindness, and citizenship that help our girls stand out from the often cynical and aggressive approach to financial education.
— Sean Malloy (Teacher, Stuart Country Day School)
From the moment you meet her, it is clear that she is passionate and dedicated, and she has proven successful at transforming her creativity into actual achievements and business endeavors. Our members in Fashion & Business Club really benefited from hearing Avi’s story about her entrepreneurial journey, and also getting her inside advice.
— Kaitlyn Kurisky (President, Fashion & Business Club, Temple University)
Avi brought a level of expertise to the classroom which challenged, trained and inspired adolescent minds.
— Dr. Debra Hobbs (Lower Merion High School)
Avi came to Woodlynde, a school whose motto is ‘Where Great Minds Learn Differently,’ to speak to a group of 8th grade students. Hearing Avi’s enriching stories, from her unique educational background to her colorful professional career, successfully conveyed an important message to our students, which is that one does not need to follow a conventional path in order to discover their mantle.
— Jeffrey Laughead (Woodlynde School)