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The Travel Lifestyle Photography Collective is a co-op style photography service offering small brands professional product imagery. By grouping brands together in one photo shoot to share costs, we are able to collaboratively produce professional marketing imagery as well as offer complimentary brands cross-promotional opportunities on social media to amplifying exposure.


Highlight Reel

Images from our Spring/Summer 19 photo shoot in Mexico



We are currently planning our next trip to the Southern California coast. The trip will take place in late July 2019 with a focus on creating images for late summer/early fall lookbooks, marketing campaigns, website, and social.

Packages Available:

$150 for 1 product

$350 for 3 products

$600 for 6 products

$750 for 10 products

Deliverables Per-Product:

1 Product Shot - Product in environment scenario #1

1 Product Shot - Product in environment scenario #2

1 Model Shot - Close up of product on model

1 Model Shot - Contextual shot of product on model

Example package featuring necklace by



Apply to the August 2019 TLPC

Deadline: Accepted on a rolling basis until July 5, 2019 Preference given to early applicants.

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How It Works: The Short Version

1. We share styled shoot opportunities with our Collective Newsletter list of brands (sign up above).

2. You apply to trips you’re interested in.

3. We accept 1-2 dozen brands each trip.

4. You mail us your product, photo release, and payment.

5. We photograph your products on the trip, both on-model and off-model.

6. You receive high-resolution images of your product(s) to use in your marketing.

7. Brands receive the opportunity to cross-promote on social media, amplifying marketing impact.

How It Works: The Long Version


Fellow Artisan Entrepreneurs,

When I launched my artisan clothing label nearly five years ago, I was lucky to already have a career going as a professional photographer. This skill set, camera gear gave me quick and easy access to professional photographs that proved indispensable in launching and maintaining my brand's website and social media marketing.

Jason behind the camera, on our Winter 2019 Styled Shoot in Virginia

Jason behind the camera, on our Winter 2019 Styled Shoot in Virginia

I soon discovered that my fiancé Jason and I could produce styled Wild Mantle photo shoots throughout our yearly travels to Michigan in the summer and Mexico in the winter. Jason has his Masters in Sculpture and found his way around a camera awfully quickly, and I was able to model the designs. Because we live in an economy that revolves around the aspirational lifestyle, the travel images we produced were indispensible to me in my marketing activities. An example is this collection we produced in Mexico, which helped me launch and successfully raise nearly $50k via my 2016 Summer Kickstarter Campaign.

I am excited to open this opportunity up to other brands, so that you can now apply to have your product photographed on one of our travel adventures. By photographing multiple brands in one outfit, it also creates an opportunity for everyone to cross-promote on social media and amplify our voices.

I recently tested this out with Christie Sommers of zero-waste brand West Oak Design on a trip to the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. I incorporated her a-line skirt and clutch bag my styled shoot for Early Winter 2019. You can see the photos Jason and I produced for West Oak Design on my blog and below, as well as Christie’s reaction:

I am thrilled with these, Avi! They’re exactly what I’m looking for to breathe some life into my brand.
— Christie Sommers, West Oak Design

Want to join us?

Our next trip is in late August 2019. Each brand will receive copyright permissions and the opportunity to cross-promote on social media with the other brands participating.

Travel Lifestyle Photography Collective


QUESTION: If I apply, will I definitely be accepted?

ANSWER: We hope to accept as many people as possible, however we also need to make sure that the items fit in our suitcases and that they fit into the aesthetically cohesive styled shoot we are planning. We also give preference to small local brands that have a sustainability component, however that doesn’t mean you won’t be accepted if that isn’t your brand profile. If you have any questions, we encourage you to use the contact form on this website to inquire before you apply.

QUESTION: What is the cost to participate?

ANSWER: Packages available start at $150 and go up from there.

QUESTION: Do I get to pick what product I send on the trip, or do you?

ANSWER: Both! I’ll want to be involved in picking the product to make sure that it is aesthetically cohesive with the other products I am curating, and that it fits one of us so we can model it in the photos. You will also obviously want to make sure it is a product from your collection that you need photographed.

QUESTION: Do you keep the product or send it back?

ANSWER: Yes. Please note that you are responsible for shipping the item(s) to our studio before the trip and also for a prepaid return label to send them back afterwards.

QUESTION: How long after your trip will I receive the images? When are we allowed to start posting them?

ANSWER: Images will be individually processed and color corrected upon our return home from the trip and delivered in a private online gallery with a link and password. While my anticipated timeline for this is 3 weeks from the time I arrive home, I also will try and do it as quickly as possible. Upon my return, I will notify everyone of the “Release Date” so that we can coordinate the sharing of the images on social media and our websites.

Onwards & Upwards!